Hi there, let me introduce myself. 

Artist, Fashion Designer, Dreamer, Mother, Wife and Adventurer - Nathalie Le Riche. (Pronounced Natalie Le Rish).

I am an artist who has been on a mission to discover the meaning of life and using life lessons to help inspire others…by advising what not to do in life (from all the mistakes I have made) and sharing what does work in life.

Through the gift of creating  my goal is to help inspire you to discover your true inner gift and to discover your true self worth so that you shine like no other.

Through my journey of creating, you will discover that you can confront your inner fears, realign with your true values and learn to set boundaries so that you can live a guilt free life doing what you love. 

I encourage you to surround your life with colour to bring joy into your life.

To surround yourself with beauty (like wonderful art) so that you are reminded you are strong and can get through the difficult times.

I have learnt you can get through deaths (not mine of course), hold ups, home invasions, betrayal, loneliness, rejection, business loss in a fire, shark frenzies,  partner getting paralysed and him suffering a heart attack (both of which he thankfully recovered from) because everything ALWAYS WORKS OUT in the end. 

In every negative situation there is always a  valuable life lesson to be gain...but only if you choose to find that lesson from within.

We all have a unique gift and story to share for the purpose of uplifting and helping others.  When you connect to this and take the action required, you discover your true purpose in life.

So, when you own a Le Riche Heart…it is a reminder…YOU ARE ENOUGH!

With deepest Gratitude

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Cheers and remember to enjoy this very moment and each one that follows.