When I became a fulltime artist in my late twenties, my art was an expression of my joy found in the beauty of Papua New Guinea and of the valuable lessons learnt whilst residing there with my PNG husband for over 20 years.

My fashion designs and homeware designs found on my online Nathalie Le Riche Redbubble Store showcases this chapter of my life.

When my two children went to boarding school in my hometown Brisbane, my life became very transit whilst I spent half my time in PNG and the other half in Brisbane. During this creative chapter, I used a simplistic, creative technique (inspired by 1970’s art teacher, Geoffrey Bardon) to align my thoughts to a centre point of focus. This creative chapter was my mediation phase. It was a place where I lost myself being present in the now as I breathed in and I breathed out.

My current body of works represents letting go of control and being a child at heart by going with the flow! It represents doing what is hard with heart to discover your inner shine called love!

You won’t find one unique style on my creativity journey for I use art as an outlet to confront one’s inner emotions during good times and bad times to share a message of inspiration to align back to peace, love and joy.

Art is an expression of oneself. I hope my art can inspire you to be uniquely you!


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NathalieLeRiche.redbubble.com store. Designs promoting the positivity and beauty she found in her 20 plus years in Papua New Guinea.

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