When I became a fulltime artist in my late twenties, my art was an expression of my joy found in the beauty of Papua New Guinea and of the valuable lessons learnt whilst residing there with my PNG husband for over 20 years. My fashion designs and homeware designs found on my online Nathalie Le Riche Redbubble Store showcases this chapter of my life.

When my two children went to boarding school in my hometown Brisbane, my life became very transit whilst I spent half my time in PNG and the other half in Brisbane. During this creative chapter, I used a simplistic, creative technique (inspired by 1970’s art teacher, Geoffrey Bardon) to align my thoughts to a centre point of focus whilst I searched for the answers on what causes me to suffer despite having a great life.

I have recently totally changed in my creative direction and I introduce my new chapter - THE ART OF CHOICE.

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you didn’t feel you are allowed to be you?
Have you ever felt totally empty because you give so much to making other people happy?
Have you ever wondered when will all that rejection end?
Have you ever felt you must be a bad person based on how people treat you?
Have you ever felt immense loneliness that it makes your heart physically hurt?
Have you ever wondered when will your inner pain end?
Have you ever dreamt of a life where you feel valued and truly loved for who you are but have no idea how to achieve it?
You are not alone!

What causes us to have those feelings? For me I discovered my suffering comes from thoughts unquestioned!

I came across Bryon Katie’s “The Work” method. A questioning method to uncover that we have choices to our thoughts. Some people love her method. Some people dislike her method. I respect you can think what you wish for it isn’t my job to fix or change you. I respect you are allowed to be who you want to be with your own values, thoughts and beliefs. I promote awareness without casting judgement on you. You are allowed to be you!

If you find you have or are suffering from feelings like me, join me on my new creative chapter called THE ART OF CHOICE. A body of works and thoughts to inspire you to discover your inner shine by learning to be inquisitive with your thoughts. When we learn the art of letting go of beliefs taken on from a broken cycle, we get to discover the amazing gift of choice.

Sometimes in life we don’t know how to end our suffering and connect with our inner love and happiness. When each one of us finds tools to end inner suffering it is a gift to be share. We are meant to connect as humans and help each other out. When we inspire each other to a place of love from a place of love, this is how we make the world a better place.

Here I share with you a body of works showing I am I with the purpose to bring awareness to unity and love in the world. Enjoy!

Remember when you buy LE RICHE heart it is a reminder you deserve to SHINE!

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