My art is a reflection of my life journey. Here you will not find predictability and one particular style. Instead, I use art to express oneself freely whilst filtering through the various emotions and life lessons in the chapters of life to connect back to a place of love. 

My art has been an expression of my joy found in the beauty of Papua New Guinea whilst residing there for over 20 years with my PNG husband. My fashion, designs and homeware range found on my online NathalieLeRiche Redbubble store showcases this chapter of my life.

Upon returning back to my home town Brisbane, my art has been used as a form of mediation and self-discovery. With the use of simplistic, repetitive shapes this chapter of works represents the focus on the breath. Breathe in, breathe out bringing one to a place of stillness where the answers to inner peace and happiness reveal themselves. It is a reflection of gratitude of what is still good in our lives no matter the challenges.


I am now evolving into a new chapter of abstracts with the focus on questioning one’s thoughts.  The thoughts we think, are they true?  When we become inquisitive rather than just believing our self-sabotaging thoughts, we become aware that we don’t have to believe everything we think.  With awareness comes choice. A choice to realising we are all beings of unconditional love and all with a unique gift to share.  That gift is you being you!

I hope my art inspires you to confront your fears that hold you back from discovering the amazing love that has been and is always within you.  May the love you have for yourself shine through to inspire others to discover their inner love.  Cheers to creating a world of connection out of love, peace and happiness.

With Gratitude

Nathalie Le Riche

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