When I became a fulltime artist in my late twenties, my art was an expression of my joy found in the beauty of Papua New Guinea and of the valuable lessons learnt whilst residing there with my PNG husband for over 20 years. My fashion designs and homeware designs found on my online Nathalie Le Riche Redbubble Store showcases this chapter of my life.

My new chapter in life is creating ABSTRACT ART FROM MY HEART to inspire the message you are allowed to be you!

I have learnt that when I respect me for who I am without conforming to the values and opinions of others I am free to be me.  When I respect who I am, I respect you for who you are with your values and judgements. It is not my place to cast judgment on you but to see you for who you truly are…YOU ARE ENERGY OF LOVE.

I believe we have been blessed with a vessel to carry our love energy to be given the amazing gift of choice. I choose me! I choose to create from a space of love! My art is to inspire you to be aware of the choices you have.  What do you choose today? Is it peace, love and joy being free to create from your heart? 

Join me on my creativity journey to be inspired of the choices you have and learn the art of doing what is hard with heart to return back to the love.

Art is an expression of oneself. I hope my art can inspire you to be uniquely you no matter what people think.

With Gratitude, Nathalie Le Riche



Visit Nathalie Le Riche's Redbubble store to view her range of PNG inspired tribal and black & white fish designs featuring on prints, fashion, homeware and accessories - Click on the link - NathalieLeRiche.redbubble.com to visit the store.

Unique designs promoting the positivity and beauty she found in her 20 plus years in Papua New Guinea.

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