I AM ENOUGH - #579 - currently not for sale

I AM ENOUGH - #579 - currently not for sale


Nathalie’s self portrait represents the healing of inner wounds, caused by words, spoken from the beliefs of broken people. As long as we attach to others for our self worth, we become prey to the destructive pattern of inner decay, causing us to feel like we are falling apart. We descend into a trap of believing what we are told and unconsciously start to use those wounding words on our self.  Sadly some will lose themselves in the painful wounds never to see the light again. Yet all along, if we seek, we will find that the answer has always been from within. For you are enough! You do have a purpose in life and when you connect with your true self worth you discover the vibrancy of life. It starts with baby steps and each time you derail you just reset. Keep resetting till the words spoken are ones of love and kindness. This portrait is a reminder to those lost in the words that wound - “I AM ENOUGH.”

Original Art By Nathalie Le Riche

40 cm (W) x 50 cm (H)

Acrylic on canvas

Did you know Art is tax deductible in Australia? As at 2019 it is possible to claim a complete deduction of up to $30,000 for each artwork purchased by a small- or medium-sized business for their premises, subject to four criteria. The artwork must be: Tangible, capable of being moved, purchased with the dominant purpose of display in a business premise; and not be trading stock.
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