#641 - I Need Their Permission

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Original Art by Nathalie Le Riche

What if you were to question that thought! Discover the choices you have when you choose to look at your thoughts at different angle!

I feel I cannot be me. I have to hold myself back. I am afraid to be me as I will be rejected. I protect myself. People tell me to shut up so I must to what they say. People tell me not to talk about what I am passionate about so I must do what they say. People avoid me because of my values because it makes them feel uncomfortable. It is my fault because they are unhappy. I must shut up then. I must retreat. I must not be me. I am not allowed to be me if I want to be accepted and love. I am not lovable if I am me. People hate me. No one cares about me so I better retreat. I am not worthy. I am not deserving to have my values and to be treated with respect. I expect people to change their behaviour so I can be me. I would be happy if people allowed me to be me.

I would be me and live my life in alignment with my values. I would know my self-worth. I would stop living to make others happy and align with my own happiness from a place of love. I would believe in myself. I would know I am the only one who can reject me for no one has the power to do that unless I let them. I would be free to be me, I would be happy, I would be brave. I would let go of attachment to others for my self-worth. I would find out where I got that belief, I cannot be me and confront it so I can let go. I would confront my fears and act out of love. I would be awesome being the wonderful me. I would be joyful. I would be passionate. I would share my overflowing, unlimited inner love no matter what people think of me. I would know I am deserving of my values. I would forgive myself for believing thoughts that were never true. I would respect each person has the right to think, say and act the way they want. My self-worth is no longer dependant on others. I am love. I am loved. I am lovable. I am free to be me. I let go of judging myself and I let go of judging others.  I follow my path. I have found my purpose just being me from a place of inner love.

I don’t need permission to be me.
I have always been allowed to be me.
My thoughts tricked me into thinking I needed permission to be me.
When I change the way I think, I am allowed to be me.
I allow myself to be uniquely me.
I am free to be me.

Which way would you look at this thought?

Code 641

29.7 cm x 42 cm image size 

42 cm x 59.4 cm mounted size

Acrylic On Repurposed Paper

Painting is Mounted /Unframed

Painting fits into an already made A2 Frame with A3 window

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