#623 - The Purge To Find Me

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Original Art By Nathalie Le Riche

Sometimes in life it feels we are not allowed to be ourselves. We take on beliefs that belong to others and think we need to fulfil their happiness before ours. Question those THOUGHTS that make you THINK you can’t be you. What are you afraid of? How do you act with the THOUGHT you cannot be you? What would you feel and how would you act if you could let go of the THOUGHT you cannot be you? By questioning your THOUGHTS that hold you back from being uniquely you, you get to discover you do have a choice to be you. When you discover the magic of choice, then it is up to you whether you allow others to take your shine away or you decide to be that magnificent, worthy you. The choice is yours. Take note, you may need to purge through a whole heap of false thoughts that will cause you great pain, but if you do what is hard with heart, you return back to your rightful place of love.

Code 623
Acrylic On Canvas
50.5 x 60.5 cm Image
50.5 x 60.5 cm Size of Sold Product
Sold as Canvas Stretched On Frame

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